Teaching Time

Before his death in the summer of 2012 the Dutch artist Louis G. Le Roy (1924 – 2012) worked for more than thirty years on the Ecocathedral, a large structure in Mildam in the Netherlands where he piled up building materials with his bare hands in order to explore what nature can do – and what humans can do with nature – in space and time.

Le Roy viewed today’s urban surroundings as prefabricated environments in which people were observers (not participants) and thus disconnected from experiencing the flow of space and time in their everyday surroundings.

One of the main questions Le Roy set out to answer in the Ecocathedral was how to develop a naturally evolving system within such a limited urban ecosystem. Or rather, how to develop a complex set of surroundings in which time is given space and in which space is given time.

In May 2013 I will be co-runnning a workshop entitled Teaching Time for third-year students from the Aarhus School of Architecture. During this workshop we will visit and participate in the continued construction of the Ecocathedral. The workshop will be run in collaboration with Stichting Tijd (Time Foundation), which is responsible for the continued development of the Ecocathedral.