Selected Writings

  • SCAPE #15 2016

    I have contributed to the recent Scape’ Magazine Dossier #15 2016 on Landscape Laboratories with some of my pictures and two short articles on landscape laboratories and the ongoing establishment the Aarhus Landscape Laboratory on Eskelund in the Aarhus River… Continue reading

  • Sletten: Rethinking Urban Habitats through Creative Management and Social Engagement

    My article on Sletten, creative management and social engagement has been published by Springer. Together with good man Peter Gall Krogh, professor in design at Aarhus University, I have asked the question of what makes a smart city? One answer… Continue reading


    My year long photographic work on a garden outside Aarhus has been published in ARKIPELAGET #7 OLES GARDEN. The small selection of photographs portray the garden of Tjørnegaard (Hawthorn Farm) and the continous daily garden chores of good friend and… Continue reading

  • ARKIPELAGET #6: Lucus

    My photographic work on forest clearings has been published in Arkipelaget #6 LUCUS. It is in part inspired by the Italian philosopher Giambattista Vico who in his work New Science (1725) describes how the Latin word Lucus has a clear… Continue reading

  • Laboratory Encounters in Copenhagen

    From June 12th to June 14th 2014 I participated in the 10th World in Denmark organised by the good guys and girls at Copenhagen University. The theme of the conference was Nordic Encounters: Travelling Ideas of Open Space Design and… Continue reading

  • Laboratory Positioning in KÅRK

    I have contributed to the recent issue of the fine student magazine KÅRK on ‘experiments’ with a short text on Laboratory Positioning. The text is a rewriting of my paper Teaching Time. On the Practice of Landscape Laboratories, which I… Continue reading

  • Specifics: Discussing Landscape Architecture

    My paper on laboratory practices, which I presented at the ECLAS 2013 conference on Specifics in Hamburg, has been published by Jovis. The publication Specifics: Discussing Landscape Architecture is based on a selection of the papers from the conference and… Continue reading

  • The Chocolate River and the Aire Garden

    The article Chokoladefloden og haven Aire (The Chocolate River and the Aire Garden) is a Danish revision of my paper on ADR Architects/Georges Descombes work on the Aire River presented at IFLA ‘s world congress in New Zealand in April… Continue reading

  • Teaching Time

    In late September 2013 I participated in the ECLAS 2013 conference on Specifics in Hamburg, Germany, with a paper on laboratory practices. In Teaching Time – on the Practice of Landscape Laboratories I discuss a tradition within Nordic landscape architecture… Continue reading

  • Aarhus Affairs: The Aarhus Landscape Laboratory

    The Aarhus Affairs is a newly established journal on creative entrepreneurship in Aarhus. My colleague Anne Mette Boye has written an article on sustainable urban environments and on how the Aarhus School of Architecture contributes with knowledge and experiments on… Continue reading

  • New Nature, Kolindsund

    In 2012 I co-organized Studio Urban Nature dealing with the re-establishment of Kolindsund on Djursland. Prior to the complete draining of the lake, which took more than a century to accomplish, it was the third largest freshwater lake in Denmark.… Continue reading

  • The Chocolate River and Gardens of Change

    In April 2013 I was so fortunate to participate in the IFLA 50 conference held in Auckland, New Zealand, with a paper on two rivers: The Aarhus River running into the Bay of Aarhus some few hundred meters from my… Continue reading

  • Research Project on Railroad Towns

    During the autumn of 2012 and spring of 2013 I participated in a research project on Danish railroad towns and landscapes. The research project was carried out in collaboration with colleauges at the Aarhus School of Architecture (AAA) and the… Continue reading

  • Urban Forest and Landscape Infrastructure: Towards a Landscape Architecture of Open-endedness

    This is a paper based on some of the key findings of my PhD, which I presented at the ECLAS 2011 conference on Ethics/Aesthetics in Sheffield, UK. After the conference the article was selected for publication in JoLa’s 2012/2 theme… Continue reading

  • Interview: Landscape Architecture China

    In 2011 I was asked by the Chinese Landscape Architecture Assocation to do a short interview on my PhD and the research project The City without Limits. The interview was published in LA China 2011/3 – a theme issue on… Continue reading

  • Forvandlingsrummet (Transformation)

    This is a short essay further exploring transformation and the relationship between change, time, forests and gardens. The essay was published in KAARK 23, Transformation, 2011. My point of departure is Kerstin Ekmans beautiful venture into the Swedish forests as… Continue reading

  • Experiential Landscapes

    In September 2009 I participated in the conference Architecture and Stages in the Experience City with a paper on urban forests as ‘experiential landscapes’. The conference was held at the then newly opened Utzon Centre placed on the harbour of… Continue reading

  • PhD on Urban Forest

    My PhD on Urban Forest and Landscape Infrastructure, which I defended on August 10th 2010 at the Aarhus School of Architecture. It is in Danish, but starts out somewhat like this: “In 2002 while studying landscape architecture at the Department… Continue reading

  • Borderland: On the forest[edge]

    This is a short text on the forest edge as a middle ground enriched by paradox: A laboratory of change and time. Published in KAARK 21, Grænseland (Borderland), 2010. The text includes a short reference to a select few Nordic… Continue reading