LAND-SHAPE is a large land art initiative in Northen Jutland under the Cultural Agreement for the region. I recently participated in the jury of the first Open Call to select 10 winning projects to be realised in the region during 2015 and the coming years.

For an intense period of screening and selecting I was in the highly inspirational company of a handful of passionate and creative people:

The jury of LAND-SHAPE has found 10 excellent land art pieces of great variation to be realized in North Jutland within the next 2 ½ years! We have recieved 171 proposals in all from 34 countries from all the world. The level of the proposals has been very high and our 5 censors: Ben Tufnell (GB), Wolfgang Buntrock (DE), Charlotte Bagger Brandt (DK), Trine Rytter Andersen (DK) and Stefan Darlan Boris (DK), have spent a great effort to finally selecting the 10 winners. We now have a wide range of different types of land art project that we plan to realize in North Jutland!

The winners can be seen on LAND-SHAPES website and in different locations in Northern Jutland over the coming period. Also, some will take place during the first LAND-SHAPE 2015 Festival in and around Hanstholm in the first week of June!