Gardener’s Year

All of 2013 I will be producing series from an agrarian garden, Ole’s garden, south of Aarhus.

A big source of inspiration for this yearlong project is Chech author Karel Capek (1890-1938) who in his brilliant book The Gardener’s Year (1929) writes:

You must have a garden, though it be no bigger than a pocket-handkerchief; you must have one bed at least to know what you are treading on. Then, dear friend, you will see that not even clouds are so diverse, so beautiful, and terrible as the soil under your feet.

Ole’s garden is such a garden, and Ole is such a gardener. He know’s that gardening is an opening of worlds – of worlds within worlds – beginning with the world at one’s feet.

The first series (100 m Garden Series) are already up in the Galleries.

The series will be published in ARKIPELAGET, Pamflet #7 as well as exhibited at select galleries in Denmark in 2014.