LUCUS Exhibition, May 12th – June 27th

LUCUS Exhibition, May 12th – June 27th

Extended to August 22nd!


LUCUS will open on Monday May 12th at the Aarhus School of Architecture and run until the summer holiday on Friday June 27th. Here I exhibit a selection of my pictures from 2013 as well as more recent sound and video installations.

The exhibited work circles around the forest clearing as a certain phenomenon capable of letting in light (a lucendo). The title of the exhibition is inspired by the Italian philosopher Giambattista Vico who in his work The New Science (1725) describes how the Latin word lucus has a clear etymological connection to a forest clearing and at the same time how it connote with windows in houses:

”Every clearing was called a lucus, in the sense of an eye, as even today we call eyes the openings through which light enters houses.” (Vico, 1725)

In the selected works I have been experimenting with photography as a certain way to give my scientific research on urban forest and Nordic gardens an atmosphere. Make it weather as it were. But I also see my cameras as small clearings in themselves: For short moments of time they permit light to enter the negatives that are the foundation for this exhibition.

Apart from the pictures I also exhibit the sound installation Vindfang (2014) and the video portrait Land Lab Aarhus (2014). Vindfang is an auditive walk through a series of Nordic gardens created by masters like Sven Hansen, G.N. Brandt and C.Th. Sørensen, which all circles around the theme of the forest and the clearing. Vindfang has been done in collaboration with sound artist Martin Boris.

Land Lab Aarhus is a first video portrait of the Aarhus Landscape Laboratory, which is in the planning in a close collaboration between the Aarhus School of Architecture and Aarhus Municipality.

To coincide with the exhibition a few of the works will be published by Antipyrine in an ARKIPELAGET double publication together with an essay by me on landscape photography.

The exhibition will run from May 12th to June 27th.

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