Landscape Experiments, April 28th – May 2nd / 2014

Landscape Experiments, April 28th – May 2nd / 2014

From April 28th to May 2nd 2014 I had the great pleasure of working for a week with good colleagues, almost 150 bachelor students and the land artist Mikael Hansen on what has been the first workshop in the Aarhus Landscape Laboratory.

For almost a year prior to this I have been working together with good man Martin Odgaard on creating the foundation for the Aarhus Landscape Laboratory. There is still a lot of work to be done, so it was a humbling experience to see so many students among the hawthorns, hazels and heat pipes along the Aarhus South Highway and the slowly moving river water in Dead Creek Valley!

The students worked in collaboration on 15 landscape experiments and the beautiful results – some of them almost ephemeral – were exhibited in a week long walking exhibition, which was a first possibility for the public to experience the Aarhus Landscape Laboratory from the perspective of students.



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