Landscape Experiments, April 25th – May 4th

Landscape Experiments, April 25th – May 4th

During the last week of April and early May, 150 first-year students participated in a landscape workshop led by Danish landscape artist Mikael Hansen.

The workshop took place in Eskelund, the 20-hectare urban-industrial woodland and site of the Aarhus Landscape Laboratory, which is placed on a former waste deposit centrally located along the Aarhus River, the context of the main assignment for the students. During the workshop, the students immersed themselves in the anthropogenic landscape of Eskelund. Through dialogue with Mikael Hansen, they collaborated on creating 15 spatial experiments based on careful readings of the landscape and its inherent qualities.

The intention was to use small-scale interventions oriented towards the human scale of a walker in motion and to unfold the larger scale spatial potentials of Eskelund. The process should qualify the area as a future destination for a growing urban population in Aarhus. The interventions can, for instance, be seen in a series of white pillars, which are strategically placed with the same top height in an undulating terrain of a large open field or in a horizontally roofed passage placed in an area of tall poplars.

Some of the spatial experiments can still be experienced in the area.

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