For a full year I visited Oles garden Tjørnegaard (Hawthorn Farm) near Aarhus to portray the ongoing dialogue between gardener and the natural processes taking place in the garden.

Some of those portraits have been published by Antipyrine in Arkipelaget #7 Oles Garden. Here I describe Ole as a weather man who not only cultivates the land but also, and maybe even more so, cultivates the weather:

In his ongoing dialogue with his surroundings, Ole engages with the weather, and with a keen awareness of how shape and design can qualify the meeting between that which is natural and that which is cultivated, the weather becomes a physical dimension of Ole’s garden. The garden becomes a medium through which weather is embodied […]

By visiting a garden like Oles garden, again and again, returning every so often, it will slowly show itself in depth and its relationship with the ‘outside world’ will become apparent.

The garden is placed in the watershed of Over Fløjstrup and, in an acknowledgement of its place in this larger territory shaped by water over millenia, Ole has created new creeks, lakes and wetlands, which links it to the land in which it is situated. There are now tree frogs breeding in the garden. You can hear them from afar in the early summer nights.


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