The Chocolate River and Gardens of Change

In April 2013 I was so fortunate to participate in the IFLA 50 conference held in Auckland, New Zealand, with a paper on two rivers:

The Aarhus River running into the Bay of Aarhus some few hundred meters from my office at the Aarhus School of Architecture as well as the beautiful re-naturalisation project of the Aire River in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Chocolate River and Gardens of Change was published in IFLA 50’s conference proceedings in April 2013 (page 282-288).

I write how the work of Descombes and ADR Architects is a work of erotic beauty drawing upon design principles found in garden art and architecture – the sounds of water running, trickling, cascading, the smell of forests and wet earth…a welcome return of garden art in a project that has regional implications.

The paper took it’s beginning when I participated in the ECLAS 2011 conference on Ethics/Aesthetics where architect Georges Descombes presented his and ADR Architects work on the Aire. It was further developed in 2012 through my collaboration with colleague and good friend Thomas Juel Clemmensen in Studio Urban Nature at the Aarhus School of Architecture.

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