Teaching Time

In late September 2013 I participated in the ECLAS 2013 conference on Specifics in Hamburg, Germany, with a paper on laboratory practices.

In Teaching Time – on the Practice of Landscape Laboratories I discuss a tradition within Nordic landscape architecture of using the garden as a laboratory for experimenting with new landscape architectural practices. This is a practice, which in time has led to the development of a series of landscape laboratories in Scandinavia initiated by good colleagues at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Also I present the on-going establishment of The Aarhus Landscape Laboratory, which I am currently involved in developing together with PhD student Martin Odgaard. The laboratory will be established in collaboration with Ole Skou Rasmussen and the Aarhus Municipality, which have a strong focus on the creation of new urban forests. It will be a learning landscape for experimentation and dialogue in which students, teachers and pratitioners can experiment with new forms of design that involves time, change and engagement.

The paper will be published in the spring of 2014.

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