Research Project on Railroad Towns

During the autumn of 2012 and spring of 2013 I participated in a research project on Danish railroad towns and landscapes. The research project was carried out in collaboration with colleauges at the Aarhus School of Architecture (AAA) and the University of Copenhagen (KU LIFE) and was funded by Realdania. In April 2013 it was published in the publication Stationsbyer i dag (Railroad Towns Today) edited by Niels Boje Groth and Christian Fertner:

Read it at ISSUU here

Among other things, the research project has a specific focus on the six case studies of Skævinge, Ørbæk, Holeby, Kolind, Langå and Hurup. Small railroad towns in various parts of Denmark, which have been established or highly influenced by their relation to the railroad network

I worked together with landscape architects Ole Hjort Caspersen (KU LIFE) and Thomas Juel Clemmensen (AAA) on the relationship between the towns and their surrounding landscape.

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