SCAPE #15 2016

I have contributed to the recent Scape’ Magazine Dossier #15 2016 on Landscape Laboratories with some of my pictures and two short articles on landscape laboratories and the ongoing establishment the Aarhus Landscape Laboratory on Eskelund in the Aarhus River Valley.

The Scape’ Dossier is an excellent collection of thoughts and experiences by researchers, artists and teachers who have a direct relationship and a continued engagement in landscape laboratories in the Nordic and some European countries.

It is an honour to be included in the select group of contributors counting brilliant woodsmen like Anders Busse Nielsen, Cecil Konijnendijk and grand old man Roland Gustavsson, who writes in his article about the Alnarp Landscape Laboratory:

A landscape laboratory offers a link to the landscape both as a physical and an intellectual entity […] Over the past several decades, there has undoubtedly been incredible technological advancements in landscape architecture, which can minimize time spent in the field – someday landscape architects may even be able to practice without ever having to go outdoors. But in all seriousness, the landscape laboratory attempts to bring balance to the landscape profession by demonstrating the value of fieldwork and hands-on practice.

Thank you Roland, for starting the movement in the early 1980es, when I was just a kid playing in the woods.