PhD on Urban Forest

My PhD on Urban Forest and Landscape Infrastructure, which I defended on August 10th 2010 at the Aarhus School of Architecture. It is in Danish, but starts out somewhat like this:

“In 2002 while studying landscape architecture at the Department of Landscape and Garden Art I visited an exhibition held at the Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen. The exhibition was a gift to landscape architect Professor Sven-Ingvar Andersson on his 75th birthday on August 22nd that same year. The thing that made a lasting impression on me were the pictures from a garden near Malmø. The pruned hawthorn bushes, the many variations of space, trees growing from tall hedges and the wealth of colour, light and texture. The pictures were Andersson’s own from his garden, Marna’s Garden, in Södra Sandby in Sweden.

During the course of doing this PhD I have realised how important Andersson’s garden has been in my own work – and how important it still is in my professional career as a landscape architect. Andersson saw the Nordic garden as a stylised clearing in the forest. I remember the clearings of my own childhood forests around Karlstad in Sweden, the fells of Evje in Norway and Silkeborg in Denmark where I grew up. They led me further and deeper into the forest but were at the same time the openings that led me out again.

Those clearings were my laboratory where natural time and my own personal time met for a while in a wealth of spaces, dreams, smells, sounds and colours. I have made use of those laboratories in this PhD, which in itself is nothing but another opening.”

Stefan Darlan Boris, Horsens, 2010

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An English version is expected to be published in 2014/2015.

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