Laboratory Encounters in Copenhagen

From June 12th to June 14th 2014 I participated in the 10th World in Denmark organised by the good guys and girls at Copenhagen University. The theme of the conference was Nordic Encounters: Travelling Ideas of Open Space Design and Planning and together with Martin Odgaard I presented the paper Laboratory Encounters. Rethinking Urban Habitats through Experimentation.

Here we reflect upon the current status of the Aarhus Landscape Laboratory, which is being developed in a collaboration with (among others) the good people at SLU Alnarp in Sweden further enabling Nordic encounters between different ways of experimenting with new methods of establishing and managing urban forests and urban landscapes.

We place the Aarhus Landscape Laboratory in a historical context and emphasize that the landscape experiments carried out in the laboratory today and in the future builds upon a tradition at the Aarhus School of Architecture of combining aesthetic goals with ecological studies in practice – thus also enabling nordic encounters through time.

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