My photographic work on forest clearings has been published in Arkipelaget #6 LUCUS.

It is in part inspired by the Italian philosopher Giambattista Vico who in his work New Science (1725) describes how the Latin word Lucus has a clear etymological connection to forest clearings and how it at the same time connote with windows as a specific way of ‘letting in light’ (a lucendo):

”Every clearing was called a lucus, in the sense of an eye, as even
today we call eyes the openings through which light enters houses.” (Vico, 1725)

In ARKIPELAGET #6 LUCUS I have also written a short text about my landscape photography in which I describe my photographs as double images and my camera as a Lucus in itself as it intermittently allows light into the negatives, which constitute the physical foundation of the photographs.

Some of the photographies in LUCUS were recently exhibited at the Aarhus School of Architecture.

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