Cold War Sites

I have just returned home from travels in Estonia and Finland, crossing the Baltic Sea from Tallinn to Helsinki in good company and early morning sunligt. I had the mindboggling experience to visit former Soviet military sites from the Cold War period again after my first journey through the Baltic countries in 2009. During my travels to Estonia and Finland I managed to complete the first part of a photography essay on Cold War Sites in the Baltic Sea Region. The second and third part will be done in Denmark in December 2013 and Latvia and Lithuania in May 2014.

One of the most intruiging sites in Estonia is a regional one: Sillamae and its surrounding landscapes. During the Cold War period Sillamae was processing uranium, which was extracted from the surrounding landscapes. Today large scale oil shale mining is carried out around the city along the northern coast of the country towards Kohtla west of Sillamae. The result is a regional landscape of large scale open pit mining, afforestation and waste deposits.

I look very much forward to visit the cold war fort of Langeland in December and cold war sites of Latvia and Lithuania in the spring of 2014.