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AARCA – research in the Anthropocene

My work at the Aarhus School of Architecture on and along the Aarhus River in both my research and teaching has led to the development of AARCA – a research based and artistically driven project in which I address the… Continue reading

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Aarhus River Walk

A few days ago I carried out my fifth river walk – the 50km Aarhus River Walk together with my walking compatriot Thomas Juel Clemmensen. For a full fourteen hours we walked in and along the banks of the Aarhus… Continue reading

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A River Walker

I am a river walker. For a full day in October I have been following the water of Hansted Creek through the tunnel valley of Store Hansted – shaped over millenia by ice and water – to where it runs… Continue reading

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Arkipelaget – Book launch at Kunsthal Aarhus

The Aarhus School of Architecture will host a book launch of Arkipelaget issue #4 – 6 at Kunsthal Aarhus on October 8th at 4 – 6 pm. Arkipelaget #6 is entitled LUCUS and includes some of my photographic work on… Continue reading

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In the forests of Latvia and Lithuania…

I have just arrived home from a seminar in Riga on closed cities and sites and a short study trip to a series of former military sites in the forests of Latvia and Lithuania. Together with a handful of good… Continue reading

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Spring exhibition in Aarhus

During all of May and June 2014 I will be exhibiting a selection of photographs as well as sound and video installations at the Aarhus School of Architecture. The exhibited works will be selected from some of the series and… Continue reading

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Cold War Sites

I have just returned home from travels in Estonia and Finland, crossing the Baltic Sea from Tallinn to Helsinki in good company and early morning sunligt. I had the mindboggling experience to visit former Soviet military sites from the Cold… Continue reading

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Garden visits

I have been so fortunate to visit a series of beautiful gardens around the world in 2013: A river garden in Geneva (Switzerland), forest gardens in Copenhagen (Denmark), Mildam (Netherlands), and Berlin (Germany), as well as forests and agrarian gardens… Continue reading

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