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AARCA – research in the Anthropocene

My work at the Aarhus School of Architecture on and along the Aarhus River in both my research and teaching has led to the development of AARCA – a research based and artistically driven project in which I address the… Continue reading

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Urbanism in the Anthropocene

On May 9th I will begin a three week long course with 40 3rd year students at AAA on Urbanism in the Anthropocene. The course takes its point of departure the fact that natural scientists think of our contemporary age… Continue reading

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Mikael Hansen in the Aarhus Landscape Laboratory

I have once again had the great pleasure of working closely together with Danish landscape artist Mikael Hansen on a week long landscape course for 150 1st year students at AAA. Something which I have been looking very much forward… Continue reading

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While walking along Dead Creek with landscape artist Mikael Hansen in April I met a man waist deep in the creek. Drawing. He was mapping the flow of the water. Immersing himself in the creek. Walking its invisible bottom. Of… Continue reading

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Rethink Urban Habitats

On March 5th I will participate in the conference Rethink the City organised by Centre for Strategic Urban Research. Here I will present the two interrelated projects Rethink Urban Habitats and Aarhus Landscape Laboratory. Early in the morning, prior to… Continue reading

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Associate Professor

Today I officially begin my Associate Professorship in landscape architecture at the Aarhus School of Architecture. Together with my good colleagues at Platform Urbanism & Landscape I will be building, dreaming, drawing, talking, walking and writing (occasionally simultaneously!) landscapes of… Continue reading

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Approaching Landscape Laboratories

For five great days from December 2nd to December 6th I visited the good people at the Faculty of Architecture at Liege University to talk and walk experimental landscapes and discuss Scandinavian experiences with the landscape laboratories in Alnarp, Snogeholm,… Continue reading

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Landscape Experiments and a walking exhibition

I have had the great pleasure of working for a full week with good colleagues, almost 150 bachelor students and the land artist Mikael Hansen on what has been the first workshop in the Aarhus Landscape Laboratory. Together with good… Continue reading

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