Road trip to Sweden

I look forward to a one-day road trip in good company to Alnarp in Sweden tomorrow.

Together with my colleague Martin Odgaard I will be visiting old friends Anders and Roland at SLU to talk landscape laboratory. Of course, most of our visit and talks will take place in the field while walking the laboratory – the most wonderful meeting fascilities around!

Our goal is to further qualify the design and planning of the Aarhus Landscape Laboratory, but if we are lucky we will be able to bring home some of their magnificent 2013 laboratory honey:

Honey Bees at SLU

150 walks

In the spring of 2014 I am co-running an assignment for 150 bachelorstudents.

The assignment will take place in the Aarhus River Valley and to some extent build upon my article The Chocolate River and Gardens of Change, which I wrote in 2012 for the IFLA World Congress in Auckland, New Zealand.

As part of the assignment all 150 students will be asked to use walking as an integrated method in relation to their design work. This in order for the students to experience the valley of the Aarhus River as a three-dimensional map of the site’s territorial substrate addressed not to the bird’s eye view, but to the thinking body of the walker; engaged in the breadth and depth of the river territory. Donald Schön in his book The Reflective Practicioner describes a similar approach as a reflection in practice, a thinking with ones feet (Schön, 1983).

The intention was for the students not necessarily to find their way but to get lost; to loose themselves in the changing landscape of the Aarhus River Valley and in the process discover something they did not aim to discover before setting out on their 150 walks.


Forest gardens in Versailles

I have just returned home from Copenhagen after two days of critique and lecturing about my research on forests, forest gardens and landscape laboratories. Both days were spent at SCIENCE/Copenhagen University…in the Versailles Room.

And both days I was in the good company of landscape architect colleagues Rikke Munck Petersen and Mads Farsø together with their 50 candidate students. They are currently working on design concepts for the two towns of Hurup in Jutland and Ørbæk on Funen, both of which were part of a research project on railroad towns I participated in during 2012/2013. So it was a pleasure to see a lot of different takes on the future of those towns and the landscapes they are situated in.

During my lecture on Tuesday (at least in my slides) I was in the company of my friends Martin Odgaard, Roland Gustavsson, Anders Busse Nielsen, Carl Åge Rasmussen and some of the inhabitants of the landscape laboratory of Sletten in Holstebro, Denmark. All of them people who are important for the continued experiments on new urban forests carried out in the landscape laboratories.