Forest gardens in Versailles

I have just returned home from Copenhagen after two days of critique and lecturing about my research on forests, forest gardens and landscape laboratories. Both days were spent at SCIENCE/Copenhagen University…in the Versailles Room.

And both days I was in the good company of landscape architect colleagues Rikke Munck Petersen and Mads Farsø together with their 50 candidate students. They are currently working on design concepts for the two towns of Hurup in Jutland and Ørbæk on Funen, both of which were part of a research project on railroad towns I participated in during 2012/2013. So it was a pleasure to see a lot of different takes on the future of those towns and the landscapes they are situated in.

During my lecture on Tuesday (at least in my slides) I was in the company of my friends Martin Odgaard, Roland Gustavsson, Anders Busse Nielsen, Carl Åge Rasmussen and some of the inhabitants of the landscape laboratory of Sletten in Holstebro, Denmark. All of them people who are important for the continued experiments on new urban forests carried out in the landscape laboratories.