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Sletten: Rethinking Urban Habitats through Creative Management and Social Engagement

My article on Sletten, creative management and social engagement has been published by Springer.

Together with good man Peter Gall Krogh, professor in design at Aarhus University, I have asked the question of what makes a smart city? One answer can be found in the experiences of establishing an urban forest as a landscape laboratory simultaneously to developing a housing project called Sletten situated in Holstebro, Denmark.

The article brings forward three emblematic exemplars of how the place is appropriated by the people living there. Sletten is both an actual suggestion for novel neighborhood design and a full-scale experimental platform where scientists and practitioners with different or no professional backgrounds can meet and collaborate on testing and developing new concepts for the design, establishment, and management of urban forests.

It has recently been published by Springer and can be found online here!